I own and run ‘Buho Barbers’ a Private and Mobile Barbering Service. My name is Stephanie Carr.

I originally went to barber school because I wanted to get the kind of instruction and experience that would prepare me for cutting a style of hair that is both current yet still uses techniques from the glory days of the gentleman’s barber as I am excited by both modern and historical styles and techniques.   

I was taught by people who have been cutting hair for over 20 years, with combined experience that spans two generations and who have a huge passion for both the modern and traditional aspect of barbering. 


My key training focus was art of classic barbering and as such I am experienced at cutting, shaving and restyling clients with many types of hair ranging from Caucasian to Afro-Caribbean.  I enjoy working with the different textures of hairs and the challenges these bring. 



Buho Barbers brings a new barbering experience to your place of choice to facilitate comfort and enable you to book time for yourself, at a time that suits.   

Buho Barbers provides a barbering service; a stylish haircut at a fair price in a social space that suits your busy life and needs.  The full-service salon does not make a lot of sense to a barber and therefore Buho breaks away from this setting.   


Buho Barbers services includes all the old-time substance like a hot towel and a straight-edge razor shave. Buho Barbers not only gives you a barber shop experience, It gives you your own Barber in your own home or place of choice.  The quick-cut places are convenient, but they don’t stimulate male commonality and they certainly don’t work around you and your life.  


Now Open: The Buho Barbers Shop; a vintage barber shop setting in the heart of Leeds. Contact us to make a private appointment that suits your schedule.

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Buho Barber
Buho Barber
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